About Jett Sett Basic tm

These amazing thermoplastic grains, now available from Cool Toolz in Bangalore, India, have some great characteristics and many applications.

Some characteristics:

  • re-usable over and over and over
  • non-toxic
  • not smelly
  • not sticky
  • feels good in the fingers
  • hardens strongly enough for hydraulic stamping
  • can be drilled, sawed, filed, painted
  • gets pliable in hot water

Some applications:

  • holding large jewelry pieces for setting
  • on a thin strip holding many pieces for rapid setting
  • custom tool handles to fit user’s unique hand
  • protect work pieces from sharp edges of tools while holding
  • burr holder
  • die for stamping
  • your imagination is the limit!

Of course, after using Jett Sett Basic in these uses, simply put it back in hot water, the plastic and work piece will separate, and you can form and store the Jett Sett for later use or immediately reform it for another use.

Order by email to info[at symbol]cooltoolz.co.in or call Nagesh, 99-000-44332. You can also arrange a visit to our showroom, workshop, and training centre in Bangalore.