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IGJME show special JettSett® Basic

Once again we’re bringing 50 gram sample packs of the amazingly useful and practical JettSett® Basic material at IGJME in Surat, 28-30 November, Stall 75/77.

Each pack includes instructions, and we also plan to demo proper use, but really, it’s so easy it hardly needs a demo! Know More from our pdf download.

You’ll want to order kg’s or larger quantities from our Bangalore showroom as soon as you find out just how great JettSett® is, and how it in many ways surpasses shellac/flake.

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IIJS 2014 JettSett Comml Sample

Go Platinum with Cool Toolz at IGJME

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Unique resources from Cool Toolz

Only Cool Toolz has the best tools for getting started in Platinum, improving the quality of your platinum and other metals for export.

India’s leading expert in platinum, an author, speaker, and consultant with major Indian platinum jewellery makers and Platinum Guild International, selects the tools and kits we sell. To make platinum or get your other metals to a ‘platinum-level’ of quality, Go Cool Toolz!

Visit us at IGJME Stall 75/77, 28-30 Nov. in Surat!

Better Tools for India, 28-30 Nov IGJME Stall 75/77

Let’s talk jewellery tools at Stall 75/77, IGJME 2014 in Surat this weekend, 28-30 November!

Cool Toolz wants to enhance your workshop/factory life and budget. It’s a common misconception that buying lots of cheap tools is the way to go. Really, buy better tools and you’ll replace them less often, requiring fewer total tools, less paperwork, overall less cost. We can provide those better tools.

If you’re looking for a tool you wish you had, or want to get into something new like platinum, we have kits specially designed for you and that need. We source worldwide and can get you the tools you need at affordable cost.

Updated catalog coming soon.

Call Nagesh, +91 99 000 44332 to know more, and visit our stall at IGJME!