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GemOro AuRACLE AGT3 in India

Product Highlight for this week

Featuring the GemOro AuRACLE (“Oracle”) AGT3 gold and platinum tester. This hand-sized portable verification tester can pay for itself with only a few IDs of misidentified metal.

Capable of identifying 6-24k gold in yellow, white, pink and green, it takes only seconds to start up, calibrate, and test in fast and enhanced modes. The third generation of the testing device, it features a digital display and long lasting pen probe. Best accuracy is obtained by strictly adhering to simple operational steps with the item to be tested and the device.

Useful in factory and stylish enough for a showroom, the AGT3 can be a very nice retail value-add when combined with the one-of-a-kind GemOro UltraSpa ultrasonic and steamer combo unit. Clean your customers’ jewelry and explain that you’re using the latest showroom technology and they will doubtless be happy with your service.


Cool Toolz Product Information Sheet (pdf)

The newest AuRACLE, the digital AGT3 is the ultimate verification instrument for gold and platinum testing. This portable handheld tester has exceptional precision, is simple to use and provides quick and accurate results showing both the digital karat value and gold percentage.

  • Tests all colors of gold from 6K to 24K and tests platinum
  • Alphanumeric LCD display shows both karat value and gold percentage
  • Two test modes: Fast Test Yellow & Enhanced Mode
  • Easy one-step calibration using either 14K or 18K yellow gold
  • Scratch resistant, durable nickel plated stainless steel testing plate
  • Follow easy steps to identify non-gold, gold plate and gold filled as NA
  • Simply touch pen probe to filed gold or platinum and see results in seconds
  • Replaceable pen probe provides thousands of tests with proper care
  • Auto-check pen probe function
  • Sleek, contoured and ergonomic design
  • Built-in storage compartment for pen probe
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Automatic low battery indicator
  • Pen Probe, kept clean, lasts for thousands of tests
  • Powered by included 9V alkaline battery or 100V-240V AC adaptor
  • INCLUDES: AGT3, pen probe, file, battery, AC adaptor and rubberized carrying case

IIJS 2014 Show Special on JettSett®

Once again we’re bringing 50 gram sample packs of the amazingly useful and practical JettSett® Basic material at IJS 2014 in Mumbai 17-21 July. Now in the Machinery Hall 2, Stall Z008.

Each pack includes instructions, and we also plan to demo proper use, but really, it’s so easy it hardly needs a demo! Know More from our pdf download.

You’ll want to order kg’s or larger quantities from our Bangalore showroom as soon as you find out just how great JettSett® is, and how it in many ways surpasses shellac/flake.

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IIJS 2014 JettSett Comml Sample

Cool Toolz at IIJS 2014 Machinery Hall!

This year it’s easier than ever to find us and talk tools, we’re in Stall number 2Z008, Machinery Hall. We import specialty tools that save you money and help you get work done better and faster than ever!

At our spacious and a/c showroom in Bangalore’s Electronics City, you can try before buying at our workbench, see and discuss tools with our goldsmith.

Let’s talk at Mumbai!

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