Buy Jett Sett Basictm in India

Now available in India only from Cool Toolz, the amazing Jett Sett Basictm multi purpose polycarbonate!

  • Re-usable
  • Non-toxic
  • Only requires hot water
  • Hardens solidly
  • Did we mention it’s re-usable?

If you’re using shellac now, you’ll be happy to avoid the heat, flame, mess and need to soon throw it by replacing it with easy and fun-to-use Jett Sett Basictm.

For those of you saw our demo at JJS or IIJS, or took home a sample and tried it out, we hope it inspired you with its possibilities. We welcome you to know more about it, including downloading the full color 2-page pdf found on our Jett Sett page.

Jett Sett Basictm is now in stock in various quantities here in India, please ask Nagesh for the amount you need when you call 99000 44332.

Hope to hear your call soon!