Jett Sett Basictm

Now available in Bangalore, India from Cool Toolz, Jett Sett Basictm is a non-toxic easy-handling plastic that only needs hot water to become pliable, solidifies to your needs in minutes, and can be reused again and again.

It’s easy to employ Jett Sett Basictm in your manufacturing operation. Use tools you already have on hand or obtain at low cost, like water heaters, glass or ceramic vessels, thermometer, and tongs if necessary. Staff can be trained in minutes.

Jett Sett Basictm quickly solidifies without shrinking at room temperature, so you gain time in your process, and time savings are money savings.

While cooling, Jett Sett Basictm can be cut with a blade. Once hardened, it can be hammered without damage, painted, trimmed and filed with rotary tools. It even stands up to hydraulic press use in die forming!

The more you use Jett Sett Basictm in your manufacturing, the more uses you will find for it, and why not? Its uses are not limited to jewellery making.

The hardest thing about using Jett Sett Basictm will be keeping it in stock!

With Jett Sett Basictm, jewellers CAN:

  • stop using shellac
  • save cost by remelting and reusing
  • operate safely–no open flame, solvents  or toxic chemicals are involved
  • cover sharp tool edges to save time by avoiding need to repair damage
  • solidify faster with cold water
  • mask pieces for sandblasting

Using Jett Sett Basictm, AVOID:

  • open flame: it is flammable
  • heating in microwave
  • overheating (material loses qualities)
  • leaving it in hot water long time
  • PVC materials, as bonding occurs
  • breathing dust when filing
  • hot metals or use as a mold

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