3M Bristle Wheels for India

Product Highlight of the Week

Color-coded, stackable, compound already infused, these 3M bristle wheels make it so fast and easy to clean up your work!

Product Information Sheet, 3M Bristle Wheels (1.1MB pdf)


Abrasive discs developed by 3M especially for jewellers. Each flexible plastic disc is colour-coded to indicate the specific grit. No compound is necessary, grit is uniformly dispersed throughout the disc. You work faster and clean-up is much easier!

Use for cleaning, pre-polishing, blending and removing scratches and firescale. Excellent for gold, silver, copper, pewter and brass.

Discs can be used from a 3 wheel-stack for accessing tiny or hard-to-reach areas up to six wheels to polish larger surface areas.

Two diameters to choose from: 9/16″ and 3/4″